SwigGems considers all Distribution Companies as potential partners — not competitors.

Our mission is to recapture digital distribution from technology companies with their extensive specifications and fragmented distribution technology solutions. To that end, we created the first and only dedicated end-end video distribution solution (replacing CDNs) to all screens and platforms which offers Distributors one-stop B2B and B2C digital solutions & digital strategy that:

  • Essentially eliminates technology skill requirements;
  • Simplifies distributors’ task to a simple ‘drag and drop’;
  • Offers end-to-end B2B and B2C solutions with the full spectrum of monetization options;
  • Branded or ‘White Label’ global B2C options;
  • Innovative Content Monetization Solutions, including; Social Network Propelled Distribution and creation and delivery of 24/7 ‘Special Interest’ Channels; and
  • Peerless end-user experience in flawless HD, 4K, 3D to all screens from Direct to Digital Cinemas, Cable/Satellite/Terrestrial Networks, Telcos, OTT to mobile devices and Headsets.

SwigGems allows established traditional Distribution Companies to do what they do best and leave the rest to us!

The SwigGems Strategic Partnership Business Model with established traditional distribution companies allows both Companies to focus on what each does best.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes — which are also our potential outlets — SwigGems is not in competition with our client and partners. Our sole commitment is to bring the greatest value to our distribution partners ranging fom assisting to monetize the unsold territories that nearly all distributors have to social network-driven pre-release promotions or one-click to transaction distribution (www.swigit.com), Day-and-Date digital releases to comprehensive collaboration from pre-release to longtail.