Selected Films

    1 hour 30 min / Comedy

    In the wake of the mortgage lending crisis, a former banker has to return home in order to get back on his feet. Directed by Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, Almost Paris is a story of resilience and redemption where one can rise up, collaborate and give back to those he loves in ways that are priceless.

    Director – Domenica Cameron-Scorsese
    Stars – Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Susan Varon, Joanna Adler

    Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

    Wally Marzano-Lesnevich

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 20 min / Drama, Thriller / HD

    BOSTON TO PHILLY is a moving coming-of-age drama of a young Black male from Boston struggling with his identity and his ability to form real relationships after a tragic accident takes the lives of his family.

    Director – Ralph Celestin
    Stars – Ed Aristone, Mike Sutton, Charmar Jeter

    Ralph Celestin

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  • RED CALL (2018)
    1 hour 20 min / Drama, Thriller / HD

    Christmas Eve. A terrorist bomb ravages the crowded heart of London’s West End. As the death toll rises, Counter Terrorism officers interview a telephone helpline volunteer who was the last person to speak with the Islamist bombers. The intense and emotional interrogation through the long hours that follow is further accentuated by questions not asked.

    Directed by a BAFTA-winning writer and director, RED CALL is both a thriller and moving psychological drama, boasting outstanding performances throughout, as we go beyond the headlines and melodrama of events to explore society’s most fearful modern nightmare.

    Director – Steve Gough
    Stars – Emma Spearing, Christopher Tajah, Jason Plessas

    Steve Gough

    vis Joram ten Brink, Joost Hunningher & Peter Jones

    Rights Available With or Without SwigGems White Label Streaming – Worldwide
    1 hour 36 min / Drama, Thriller

    After Jack and Lucy rescue a woman from freezing cold in the middle of Scottish mountains, they come to realize that the woman is not who she says she is and that she has not the best intentions.

    Director – Hank Orion
    Stars – Michael Wouters, Simoni Valentina, Jodyanne Richardson

    Hank Orion, Vadim Pusceddu

    Vadim Pusceddu

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 43 min / Fantasy, Creature, Black-comedy, Horror / 4K

    The Ultimate Wine-party at the Riviera
    Starring Kim Sonderholm of The Killing Games
    What seems like an innocent wine tasting weekend turns into a bizarre, wicked, sensually overheated debauchery, culminating in a murderous grand finale evening and the fateful morning after.

    Director – Gary Meyer
    Stars –Kim Sønderholm, Edmund Digby-Jones, Kyle Calderwood, Mariana Peñalva

    Gary Meyer

    Gary Meyer

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    13×11 min / Live action TV series, Ballet, Educational / HD

    Enter the world of Belle who dreams of becoming a Ballerina. Throughout her adventures the audience will be introduced to ballet steps and classical music from the most famous ballets of all time.

    Director – Carol Talmon de l’Armée
    Stars – Catherine Talmon de l’armee, Carol Talmon de l’Armée, Camille Colbert-Vidil

    Carol Talmon de l’Armée

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 28 min / Action, Adventure, Fight, Paranormal, Martial Arts / HD

    Fight Club meets the Twilight Zone in this mixed action/adventure/fight/martial arts film, starring Morgan Benoit (Forbidden Kingdom, 47 Ronin.) featuring fight sequences created by two of Hollywood’s top stunt performers Colin Follenweider (Avatar; X-Men) and Chris Torres (Letters from Iwo Jima).

    Brutal centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), who is abducted at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees, Trevor evolves from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine.

    Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As they exchange increasingly violent beatings over the course of weeks and months, the brutality of their existence ironically begins to reveal the true nature of their humanity.

    With elements of the paranormal juxtaposed with the most violent fight scenes you will ever see on screen, BRUTAL explores the animal aspect of human nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts against each other. Yet, it is through this prism of brutality that our capacity to love proves victorious even in the worst of circumstances.

    Director – Donald Lawrence Flaherty
    Stars – Colin Follenweider, Chris Torres
    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • ENI
    1 hour 51 min / Drama, Romance / 4k

    Filmed in the remote villages of picturesque Nigeria, ENI is the coming-of-age story of a girl whose passions are trapped by her inability to communicate with those around her. The traditional customs, beliefs and superstitions of Eni’s family present an additional obstacle for this beautiful and strong willed girl who faces typical teenage angst while she begins to discover the mysteries and challenges of womanhood. Jacob, a passionate and quirky artist becomes the focus of her awakening desire, but as in any small town, competition for his attention and his access to 21st century distractions frustrate her advances. With an amazing cast of local actors and a stunning performance by Victoria Osumah, ENI never fails to surprise, enlighten and even shock you with the tension between a traditional culture and the advances of modern Africa and it’s toll on young adults navigating through it all.

    Director – Ashvin Meshram
    Stars – Ayobami Adeboyejo, Sandra Iroegbu, Amina Ndim

    Ogunmola Gabriel Olateju

    E.O. Okworigho

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 22 min / Sci-fi, Adventure, Family, Time-travel

    Qualified for the 88th Academy Awards
    A time traveler uncovers his strange past and tries to repair the damage done in a past life at the risk of being left there permanently.

    Reminiscent of hypnotic movies like “Dead Again,” “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and “Vertigo.”

    DOVE Seal of Approval for Family Viewing!

    Director – Walker Haynes
    Stars – Glen Mac, Creagen Dow, Walker Haynes, John Loprieno, Ida Anderson, Stephanie Zimbalist, Brooke Newton, Barbara Niven

    Walker Haynes

    Steven Bentley, Timothy Fary, Chris Fickley

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    11 x 11 min / Animated Series, Comedy

    Animated series for 4 and up and for all ages
    The two main characters of this charming and utterly entertaining animated series are a pink and clever monkey and a lone pirate who has a great obsession for ‘gherkin pickles’.
    Our Castaway pirate lands on an uninhabited island with his looted fortune, stacks of pickle jars and a notorious monkey goddess statue. Unlikely trials and mishaps pursue the pirate as the monkey goddess springs to life.
    A whole series of new events unfold as new characters appear at various exotic places on the island. The budding friendship between monkey and pirate is soothingly written as are the small tales of misadventures and fun. The explorations carried out by monkey and pirate are unpredictable with surprising twists and turns.
    The originally hostile relationship between the pirate and the monkey molds into friendship and they learn that we are better together than alone facing the world.

    Director – Derrick Evans, Thomas Hannen
    Stars – Hernando Alvarez, Alex Jakana, Andriy Kravets

    Walker Haynes

    Deborah Basckin, Jonathan Wells

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    2 hour 3 min / Documentary

    Filmed in 20 countries, 20 years in the making
    In the tradition of Koyaanisqatsi and Samsara, this unique film mesmerizes and transports us to the most remote areas of the world; exploring the deep and intimate relationships between gender and sex, family, death, food, rituals and the rhythm of life that is universal. What seems to be a looking glass into a disappearing world and diverse cultures turns out to be a mirror reflecting back to us the follies and short-sightedness of our own pre-conceived ideas and prejudices.


    Director – Richard Wawman

    Richard Wawman

    Richard Wawman

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 30 min / Thriller, Film Adaptation of Literary Masterpiece, Arthouse

    Modernized version of García Lorca’s masterpiece
    Featuring Miriam Diaz Aroca of the Academy Award winning La Belle Epoque.
    The movie is a beautiful visual juxtaposition of the Andalusian culture of Lorca’s play and the modern culture of London High Society. The classic story has been transported into modern day London where the central character, the beautiful Eva, and her ambitious husband John have no children after 4 years of marriage. Although Eva is becoming increasingly obsessed with her inability to become a mother, she is also conflicted by the responsibility and honor she has to the institution of marriage. The suspenseful and stunningly filmed thriller culminates in a shocking ending. Created in memory of Spanish poet/ playwright Federico García Lorca on the on the 80th anniversary of his assassination.

    Director – Emilio Ruiz Barrachina
    Stars – Rebecca Grant, Miriam Díaz-Aroca, Mundy Rieu Jr.

    Nicholas Aikin, Tirso Calero

    Jimmy Schnieper Campos

    Juanma Postigo

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • What’s Going on with Wolves?
    1 hour 8 min / Documentary

    Enemies or Friends?
    This insightful documentary explores the unfounded fears and misconceptions about wolves and their impact on other wildlife. This intimate portrait of these magnificent animals offers poignant interviews from both sides of the debate and reveals the ongoing challenges for coexistence of wolves and livestock and the return of wild wolves to the American West. Visit locations like Italy where wolves are a significant factor of daily life, where people have a different approach to peaceful coexistence with these ancient creatures. The film ultimately offers perspectives on how people can help the species survive and return to the habitats where wolves once thrived!

    Director – Eric Simon
    Stars – Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Juan Diego, Irene Papas

    Eric Simon

    Manuel de Casas-Montesinos, Carlos Jorge Fraga

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 18 min / Documentary

    In the tradition of What the Bleep Do We Know?, and The Secret.
    The Lost Secret of Immortality takes the Western audience on a journey of the senses through the spiritual traditions of Eastern enlightenment. Presented with stunning and mind-bending visuals, the film delves into a vision of what is possible if we unlock the mysteries of the Universe.
    In this film, we see the vast and infinite knowledge passed on through the centuries by some of the world’s foremost New Age philosophers and teachers. Everything from meditation and the martial arts to tantric sex are uncovered and broken down into easy-to-understand teachings and practices.
    By experiencing The Lost Secret of Immortality, one will embark on a life-transforming revelation that will unlock the hidden and untapped power that exists within all of us.

    Director – Barclay Powers
    Stars – Adam Behr, Francis Tiso

    Malcolm Keithley, Barclay Powers

    Reality Entertainment

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 30 min / Spiritual thriller

    Winner of the National Geographic Prize & the Best Spiritual Feature Prize in 2010

    A story of greed and vengeance, of demons, magic, murder–and redemption. The tale of the real-life 11th century mystic and spiritual warrior, Milarepa.

    Photographed entirely in the stunning Lahaul-Spiti region of northern India, this is one of the most important films of our times, acclaimed by the Washington Post, L.A. Times, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and “A life-transforming spiritual awakening”-Screen International. Richard Gere calls it, “One of the most powerful stories of love and transformation in world literature.”

    Director – Neten Chokling
    Stars – Orgyen Tobgyal, Kelsang Chukie Tethtong, Jamyang Lodro

    Neten Chokling, Tenzing Choyang Gyari

    Shining Moon Productions

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 22 min / Documentary

    Memories of a Sex Slave
    Filmmaker Brook Bello shines the spotlight on human trafficking as she tells us the story of her life, from devastating acts of self destruction to the ultimate ‘triumph of the human spirit’. As repressed memories surface, the secrets of a most foul crime get revealed: the rape of an innocent child who is then forced to run away only to face an even greater horror as a teen-prostitute who falls victim to human-trafficking and sex-slavery. Forced by pimps into drug addiction, Brook’s life seemed hopeless until she was able to break free not only physically but emotionally.This high-impact docu- mentary takes the viewers on an emotional journey from shock to rage to healing, as well as on a geographic journey from Florida to the Middle East.Brook’s film has already received widespread atten- tion, with extensive press coverage in over 20 articles, a series of interviews and an invitation to speak at the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute and the Congres- sional Black Caucus.

    Creator – Charlie Parsons
    Stars – Jeff Probst, Lillian Morris, Jon Dalton

    Mark Burnett Productions, Castaway Television Productions, MGM Television

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • Termite: The Walls Have Eyes
    1 hour 15 min / Psychological Thriller

    A troubled young girl gets a job at a modeling school where she is tortured by the voices in her head and the sounds in the walls. Roman Polanski meets Roger Corman in this micro-budget masterpiece made by a group of students under the leadership of veteran actor John Walcutt.

    Director – John Walcutt
    Stars – Herb Astrow, Paul Ballin, Irene Carole

    Jennie Marie Pacelli, John Walcutt

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 55 min / Horror / Suspense

    A striking, emotionally charged horror/ suspense film in the tradition of Polanski’s Repulsion & Aranofsky’s Black Swan

    In this stylish suspense film, the cinematography and direction captures the personal emotional horror of a woman living a society that goes against her life while trying to preserve a “pro-life” stance.
    The film poignantly addresses the challenges of the modernization of economy without the modernization of its social and political culture – a pressing socio-political issue in modern-day Latin America.
    Apio Verde casts a sharp light on this current global controversy at the front of the abortion debate and takes a strong pro-choice stand powerfully told using the medium of film.

    Director – Francesc Morales
    Stars – Catherine Mazoyer, Cristián Gajardo, Catalina Aguayo, Teresita Reyes

    Francesc Morales

    Jorge Gaete, Camilo Klein, Catherine Mazoyer

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 57 min / Crime, Mystery, Thriller

    Tension stalks the organization. There will be a new leader. Or will there? Some are loyal to others. Or are they? Some are lovers. But are they pretending? Some are enemies. But they rely on one another. All are assassins. And the place they meet is the Norns lounge. How fitting. The Norns weave men’s fate and none can escape their plots.

    Like a long con, you are drawn in. Where do your sympathies lie? All the motives are on the table, or are they? Some will die tonight. Who and by which hand?

    The Norns is a dazzling stylish head-trip where nothing is as it seems. Supurb acting and compelling dialogue drive the story. All the cliche’s of the genre are exposed and cast aside. Things are not what they seem. The story builds to a crescendo of action and violence that always lay just beneath the surface and the ultimate game is revealed.

    Director – Fernando J. Múñez
    Stars – María Casal, Manuel de Blas, Patricia García Méndez

    Fernando J. Múñez

    Coque Contreras, Julio Jordan

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • Bonfire of the Vanities: The Opera
    2 hour 23 min / Art-house, Opera, Performance Art

    Based on TOM WOLFE’s bestselling novel presented with the kind permission of Warner Bros. Entertainment
    The Opera Magazine calls it “especially timely” and we could not agree more. A satire for our post-financial-crisis world, our raucous tale mercilessly lampoons the wolves of Wall Street, the real housewives of Park Avenue, and anyone else who crosses its path.
    The main character of the libretto, Trader Sherman McCoy invents a bond so hot it propels him to the top of the financial world. But just as he scores the highest bonus and the sexiest mistress, he gets sucked into a scandal centering on a hit-and-run incident of a young black man in the South Bronx, that brings all of New York City crashing down upon him.
    Tuneful, modern, and with a piercing wit, this opera demolishes Wall Street in this groundbreaking adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s bestselling novel.
    With outstanding singers in its multi-cultural cast, the opera performance is a real treat for art-house connoisseurs as well as for opera and music lovers.

    Director – Michael Bergmann
    Stars – Randal Turner, Yingjie Zhou, Anne-Carolyn Bird

    Michael Bergmann, Tom Wolfe

    CDouglas Underdahl

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming

    1 hour 38 min / Drama

    Holocaust survivor, Agnes, escapes a concentration camp and takes refuge on a Delaware Beach. Haunted by the war and its atrocities, she finds herself raising her abandoned twin grandchildren. The twins, Natasha and Gallagher seek out the affection they missed at home with sometimes unforeseen and life changing consequences.
    Won: Best Film on Women, Best First Time Filmmaker Awards and earned two Best Lead Actress nominations for Emily McKinley Hill

    DELAWARE SHORE brings a modern angle to the traditional approach of Holocaust survivor stories. It speaks to the generational consequences of this atrocity by weaving in the current issues of fighting modern day demons and finding redemption against all odds. Loosely based on real life events portrayed in the novel by the same title, written by Michaelangelo Rodriguez.

    Director – Raghav Peri
    Stars – Ed Aristone, Emily McKinley Hill, Bella Dontine

    Raghav Peri, Michaelangelo Rodriguez

    Raghav Peri, Philip Mascherino, Dayakar Pannem

    John Presutto

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • Hangman’s Game
    1 hour 34 min / Action, Thriller

    Mark, an American contractor working for a oil company, wakes up in the midst of the lush Colombian jungle, tied up and hanging to a tree. Next to him is Vanesa, a local prostitute. The kidnappers violently torture Mark and his local friend, Mauricio, to find out the code to transfer 40 million dollars out of the company’s bank account. Mark does not speak Spanish and only understands what Vanesa can translate. The problem is: if he tells them the bank transfer code, they will kill him… and if he doesn’t, they will kill him anyway…

    Director – Miguel Urrutia
    Stars – Jason Chad Roth, Andres De La Fuente, Viña Machado

    Miguel Urrutia

    Jairo E. Gonzalez

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 30 min / Documentary

    This documentary unveils the industry of legal drug addiction in the US, where 5% of the world’s population consumes 80% of its prescription narcotics. American Addict reveals the connections between government regulators, big pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and the media. At the street level the trade is only distinguished from its illegal cousin by white coats, signage, and legal sanction. In the style of The Inside Job and Food Inc., this film exposes a shocking hypocrisy most are unaware even exists.

    Director – Sasha Knezev
    Stars – M.D. Gregory Alan Smith, Sasha Knezev

    Sasha Knezev, M.D. Gregory Alan Smith

    Pain MD Productions

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 25 min / Drama, Sci-Fi

    A robot with a Soul
    This beautifully crafted sci-fi film transports us to a future where robots are commonplace and have begun developing personalities and feelings.
    The two main characters Henry and Jack, once close friends, now rivals in both their professional and private lives. Henry is cold, determined and calculating while Jack is vulnerable and emotional.
    To cope with loneliness, Jack turns to alcohol. In order to save his Master, Jack’s domestic Robot creates a crisis situation where Henry and Jack must find a way to co-operate in order to save their lives….and soul.
    Told from the Robot’s POV, this suspenseful story is accented by the mesmerizing virtuoso performances by all three main characters, including the robot!

    Director – Marc Goldstein
    Stars – Billy Boyd, Patrick Bauchau, Gerard Depardieu

    Marc Goldstein

    Marc Goldstein

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    57 min / Documentary

    The Right Person for a very Wrong Time
    A story of resilience, courage, and continuation
    1959. A man’s determination and wisdom keeps alive a culture’s knowledge.
    After he escaped the destruction of Tibet’s great monasteries, libraries, and the death of so many of its people, the refugee Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche set out to continue its rich culture and learning. He became the teacher of teachers; his students included the Dalai Lama, the king of Bhutan, and thousands of others. Rinpoche ensured the lineage survived, spread back to Tibet…and across the world.
    Years after his death, his incarnation was discovered and his students flocked to meet the young child, whose own education soon begins.
    This moving biography goes beyond the Himalayas and past death, to reveal a loving teacher’s presence and influence and his reincarnation.
    The Man who taught the world
    … And the legacy a young boy will continue

    Director – Neten Chokling
    Stars – The Dalai Lama, Richard Gere, Khyentse Norbu

    Neten Chokling

    Shechen Rabjam

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • BYE
    23 min / Short

    Choreographed by Mats Ek
    BYE (AJÖ), has been heralded as a “masterpiece” by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It is performed by Sylvie Guillem, “the most brilliant ballerina of her generation”(The Guardian, UK) and is choreographed and directed by acclaimed Swedish choreographer Mats Ek. BYE is a film interpretation of Mats Ek’s solo piece BYE for and requested by Sylvie Guillem, presently on stage at Sadler’s Wells, UK’s leading dance house. Set to Beethoven’s last piano sonata, Opus 111, in a recording by Ivo Pogorelich, the stage performance of BYE is described by Mats Ek as being “… about a woman who takes leave of a certain stage in her life. It is a conversation that she has with herself that leads to new experiences.”

    Director – Mats Ek
    Stars – Sylvie Guillem


    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 30 min / Horror, Paranormal Thriller

    Get out… Before it’s too late!
    A suspenseful, stylish horror movie set in Beverly Hills
    A family’s Dream Home turns out to be much less when they learn that a grisly mass murder was committed some years before. Things get worse when a strange paranormal manifestation begins turning their idyllic world into a living nightmare.
    Despite the red flags and increasingly bizarre occurrences, they intend to stick it out and remain in the house. But with the haunting escalating, they may find themselves trapped… with no way out.

    Director – Alec Tuckman
    Stars – Lulu Brud, Elissa Dowling, Dan Holahan

    Eric Bram, Alec Tuckman

    Alec Tuckman

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour / Psychological Thriller

    “Bless me father, for I have sinned…”
    As the new priest of a small rural parish, Leonard appears to be a quiet, contemplative young man. He is thought to be a gifted sculptor, a friendly neighbor, and a trusted advisor…. But Leonard is so much more than that. Leonard has a secret.
    With a history of deeply warped religious fervor and psychotic behavior, Leonard managed to escape from a mental institution. He then murdered a Priest to assume his identity.
    With his real identity hidden, he is able to quickly befriend the unsuspecting townsfolk and begin his mission of divine madness.
    Leonard masterfully plays his congregants like chess pieces in a game of insanity, turning neighbor against neighbor, sending them into a tangled web of deceit, jealousy, and murder.

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 24 min / Documentary

    The Right Person for a very Wrong Time
    A story of resilience, courage, and continuation
    This documentary lifts the veil on underground spiritual movements like RAVE and BURNING MAN, revealing how electronic music induces altered states and shifts in consciousness. The film-makers investigate mysticism, origins and religion, interviewing minds like Terence McKenna, author of best-seller True Hallucinations, Ken Kesey, author and producer of the infamous 1960s Acid Tests, Starhawk, author of The Spiritual Dance. The filmmakers investigate the electronic music culture’s significance to the 2012 prophesies. Music by DJ’ Garth, Shpongle, The Crystal Method, Phutureprimitive, Vibrasphere, Govinda, Random Rab and many more.

    Director – Andrew Johner
    Stars – Adam Apollo, Chiara Baldini, Eric Baumgartner

    Andrew Johner, Drew Martinez

    Andrew Johner

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 30 min / Drama, Thriller

    This sensual thriller takes you on an exotic journey to Cuba where three young outcasts find each other as they long to find their place in a world that will not have them. As they clash and bond; search and withdraw; love and despise the undercurrents of desire and passion mingle with the crisis of surviving in an inhospitable world. In the world of the heart, our heroes tower above their environment and speak a language inaudible to those around them – just like Giraffes.

    Director – Kiki Álvarez
    Stars – Yasmani Guerrero, Olivia Manrufo, Claudia Muñiz

    Claudia Muñiz

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 14 min / Documentary

    Transformational Documentary following the traditions of THE SECRET

    Shot in the rarely seen, sumptuous 35mm format with a larger-than-life score performed by the Prague
    Symphony Orchestra, the film delivers a timely, yet timeless message that is totally vital to literally everybody on earth.

    Apollo Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Canadian Environmental Scientist and well-known Broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki, Internet Health Guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Earthing innovators Clint Ober and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, his
    healed son, Step Sinatra, the film’s creator, Steve Kroschel and the lovely Laura Koniver, M.D. are all validating the ancient but forgotten theory.

    The film informs us about the little-known fact that the Earth’s surface emits a constant stream of electrons, which neutralize the disease-causing free radicals in
    our bodies. Nature Deficit Disorder, a recently
    identified syndrome of chronic, inflammatory conditions, which manifest in an array of body aches and fatigue, non-restorative sleep and a poor immune system, among other complaints, all of which are caused by staying inside all day and wearing shoes at virtually all times thus, being deprived from from the naturally-healing electrons, which constantly flow from the surface
    of the Earth.

    The practice of making regular skin contact with the Earth, like taking barefoot walks on the beach or on the grass – or better yet – swimming in natural bodies of water – have been clinically shown to help heal chronic inflammatory diseases in 95% of all cases.

    If you are an Earthling, this film has an important and uplifting message for YOU.

    Director – Steve Kroschel
    Stars – Howard Straus, Edgar D. Mitchell, Gaetan Chevalier

    Steve Kroschel

    Alexandra Bruce

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 24 min / Historical Drama

    with Sir Derek Jacobi
    A remarkable film about the early life of Julius Caesar, told by renowned actors alongside prison inmates in high security prisons on three different continents. The raw, primal force of the inmates juxtaposed with the craft and sophistication of celebrated actors headed by Sir Derek Jacobi, creates a fascinating dialogue between the brute struggle for power in ancient times and incarceration in the 21st century. The story’s themes of passion, rivalry, friendship and violence bridges continents and millennia.

    Director – Paul Schoolman
    Stars – Derek Jacobi, John Kani, Alice Krige

    Paul Schoolman

    Paul Schoolman, Alice Krige

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 22 min / Horror, Fantasy, Creature, Zombie

    “Evil Dead” meets “Lord of the Rings”

    The Master of Gore is back! Renowned German splatter director Olaf Ittenbach merges the best of the mythological fantasy genre with creature film and splatter elements in an exotic, picturesque setting.

    Selma, an archaeologist, known from movies like “House of Blood”, “Blood Reign” and “Garden of Love ” discovers a 5000 year old Portal during her excavations in Morocco. She also finds a mysterious, ancient card, written in a secret language. Gabriel Moses, a pretended art dealer wants to buy the ancient card. An argument between him and Selma escalates and Selma gets killed in a shootout.

    Suddenly, she finds herself in medieval times and then gets transported into the astral world, a dimension in the beyond. Horrifying creatures appear and try to kill Selma again whose mission is finally revealed: she was chosen to solve the riddle with the card that will help her to close the door to hell. The closer she get to her destination, the more she realizes that her arch-enemy Moses has already opened the gate to hell…

    Director – Olaf Ittenbach
    Stars – Karen Breece, Wayne Darrin, Martina Ittenbach

    Olaf Ittenbach

    Olaf Ittenbach

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 10 min / Black-Comedy

    Selected for their permanent collection by the MOMA, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the Pratt Institute
    Slumdog Millionaire meets Train-spotting. A shocking magical feature film based on a best-selling novel with songs.
    “In the slums we meet the crippled pimp, the lonely housewife, the neighborhood gay, his macho father, the prostitutes, a small-time politician, the Yankee pedophile. There are no happy endings and death awaits at every corner. Tragedy lies not at the end but is a given situation. It is not the usual ‘story that needs to be told’ it is simply a backyard full of lovable fuckers.” — Khavn De La Cruz.

    Director – Khavn de la Cruz
    Stars – Timothy Castillo, Marife Necesito, Jim Rocky Tangco

    Khavn de la Cruz, Norman Wilwayco

    Khavn de la Cruz

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 10 min / Black-Comedy

    In the tradition of “Magnolia” and “Babel”
    December 24. While most people start enjoying Christmas Eve, the seven characters in this film all arrive at a turning point which will give a new direction to their lives.
    A colorful mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning, told in real time.
    Winner Best Film IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013.
    Winner Best Director IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013.
    Winner Best Screenplay IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013.
    Official Selection at:
    Film Festival San Nicolás section, Work In Progress, 2013.
    IX International Independent Film Festival Mar del Plata. Marfici, 2013.
    II National Film Festival Leonardo Favio. Bolivar, 2013.
    28th International Film Festival of Mar del Plata, “24-hour National Cinema” 2013.
    First International Film Festival of Ayacucho, Peru 2013.
    IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 23 min / Psychological Thriller

    Gellert is addicted. Sitting at the poker table, he must face his past. All he wanted was to pay back his debt. He really needs this last chance. He didn’t want all this to happen. He just wanted one last game.
    One Last Game is a symbolic tale. Like All That Jazz, the movie follows Elizabeth Kuebler Ross’s five stages of grief. Visually mesmerizing, hyper chic, and elegant, One Last Game is reminiscent of the abstract stylization of Dogville. The film features Germany’s young rising star Ken Duken (Laconia, Max Manus, Zweiohrküken, Powder Girl, My Last Day Without You, Inglorious Basterds) and the magnificent Regina Lund.

    Stars – Ken Duken, Regina Lund, Dan van Husen

    Michael Wallner, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

    Norbert Kneissl

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 38 min / LGBT

    “It takes a brave man to make Lebanon’s first gay film. Samer Daboul and his cast are to be commended for their conviction and the palpable camaraderie onscreen”…”the char-acters, gay and straight, wanting to forge a new fellowship, have a winsome appeal.” — Variety Bittersweet, high-energy, and touching describe this movie from exotic and picturesque Lebanon. It carries a powerful message about LGBT relationships and free love in the Middle East. Powerful soundtrack by Emmy winner Christopher Brady.

    Director – Samer Daboul
    Stars – Rudy Moarbes, Ali Rhayem, Jad Hadid

    Samer Daboul

    Samer Daboul

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • Place
    29 min / Dance

    A sensational dance film, specially created for two world famous dancers, Mihkail Baryshnikov and Anna Laguna by a truly international team of outstanding artists. It is choreographed by Mats Ek who is considered to be the No 1 not only in Sweden but possibly world-wide and it is directed by a Grammy, MTV and Cannes Grand Prix award winning Swedish film director Jonas Åkerlund. Jonas is well known for his collaboration with Madonna, U2, the Rolling Stones, Metallica, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, Robbie Williams and Christina Aguilera.

    Director – Jonas Åkerlund

    Mats Ek

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 34 min / Animation

    The timeless classic and eternally beloved story of pure and idealistic love

    Few works so completely capture a universal aspect of human experience the way Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” captures pure and idealistic love. Few works have lasted in time and been so beloved that they are refreshed with each generation. Look at popular music charts and references will abound. Look at school productions and the play will be there. Here now is the story expressed in stunning animation in an age sensitive portrayal aimed at pre and young teen audiences (8 to 16). We forget sometimes that Shakespeare’s Juliet was thirteen years old and Romeo not much older.

    “Romeo and Juliet” fills any family oriented line-up and amply fills the role of beloved classic.

    Director – Brian Cass
    Stars – Andrew Dionese, Wesley Ace Mask

    Brian Cass, Eduardo Cortés

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 37 min / Drama

    Teenagers in a seaside town, sharing their last summer together before tragedy splits them forever. Seamonsters is a warm, truthful and often funny story of two best mates, Sam and Kieran, entranced by the same girl. Lori is a wild child, mercurial and beautiful. The boys find themselves caught up in her whirlwind of self-destruction.
    When their friendship is challenged, Kieran flees with Moony, a waitress from the local cafe. Devastated by events and abandoned by his best mate, Sam tracks Kieran down in London, and finds his friend locked in a downward spiral of violence and chaos. Sam realizes that he has to save Moony from Kieran’s brutality. But is this really an act of altruism? Does he see her as a substitute for Lori? Or is he genuinely falling for her?
    This is a film of modern teenage life, with classic motifs of love, jealousy, friendship, violence and betrayal. Younger audiences will relate to the themes of first love, rebellion, teen angst, alienation and the adventures of growing up. Older audiences will appreciate both the honesty of the storytelling and the truthful naturalism of the young performances. The intensity of falling love, the pain of rejection and the joys of sexual discovery are feelings that few people forget.
    Seamonsters is about falling in love for the first time and having to deal with the overwhelming feelings of hope, excitement, rejection and loss when it all falls apart. It is touching and funny. A classic coming of age movie.

    Director – Julian Kerridge
    Stars – Jack McMullen, Reece Noi, Leila Mimmack

    Julian Kerridge, Martin Sadofski

    Angela Gordon

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 30 min / Thriller, Drama

    One summer evening a young woman – ALICE is impatiently waiting for her date-LEO,in a street cafe. Leo is a rich young man with perfect looks and perfect car and he doesn’t mind running late for he knows Alice will be there waiting whenever he feels like going.
    Across the street from the café another woman – EVELYN, has a luxurious house. She has 10 years of abusive marriage behind her with another perfect looking man with a perfect car – HARRY, and this evening she tells her husband, that she will file a divorce next morning.
    In this way this summer evening finds one woman dreaming of a relationship that the other one badly wants to get out of. But getting out of something turns out to be more difficult than getting in. And the night is long and the morning is far away.
    When Alice’s would-be boyfriend Leo is shot when exiting his car in front of the café and Evelyn’s husband Harry, a homicide officer, starts to investigate the case in his own unorthodox ways, it soon becomes clear that neither Evelyn nor Alice might find their way out alive from that night. The only help to Evelyn and Alice against Harry’s macho power and his two loose hit men is a dreamy shy boy – CHRISTOPHER, who just happened to be on that street corner, when the murder happened. Christopher turns out to be an absolute opposite to these men, whom Evelyn and Alice have known all through their lives. He doesn’t have any money or fast cars, but he has his good heart what he will lend to the service of these two women .
    The first Estonian film to use the help of internationally known star crew, will give the audiences a new, stylish perspective on the Baltics, a society in the midst of transforming.

    Director – Ilmar Taska
    Stars – Carmen Kass, Priit Võigemast, Maria Avdjushko

    Ilmar Taska, Kristian Taska

    Kristian Taska

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
  • Sleeper
    1 hour 26 min / Action, Horror

    Enigmatically silent, and driven by love, the man known as Resnik (Scott “Raven” Levy) was imprisoned for butchering another man and kidnapping the young girl at the heart of his obsession, Kelly (Kym Jackson). For the safety of his fellow inmates, Resnik was only ever allowed to wake, eat and exercise alone, after dark, he learned to like it. Now having escaped during a midnight transfer, Resnik is headed back to Moonlight Bay, and Detectives Raynor (Bruce Hopkins) and Molloy (Ty Hungerford) have only 12 hours to stop him before the sun goes down, and the carnage begins, again.
    Sometimes, love can be a very dangerous thing….

    Director – Dru Brown
    Stars – Ty Hungerford, Bruce Hopkins, Scott Levy

    Dru Brown

    Judd Tilyard

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 12 min / Documentary

    Russia’s Oscar contender for Best Documentary

    The Dalai Lama as you’ve never seen him before — at home.

    24 hours spent by a film crew inside the residence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, from the beginning of his day which starts at 3 am till sunset when the Buddhist leader goes to bed. The footage, by itself, is exclusive. But here, inside the residence, the documentary filmmaker Vitali Manski also got a chance to enjoy a totally informal conversation about the essence of the Universe and the role an individual has to play in religion in general and Buddhism in particular in the frameworks of contemporary society.

    Director – Vitaliy Manskiy
    Stars – Dalai Lama

    Vitaliy Manskiy

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 12 min / Drama, Sci-Fi

    Cris McCarthy has helped put together this amazing Docudrama. It has taken her over 8 years to complete…. mainly because the majority of her footage was confiscated by a government agency, and just recently released by the Supreme Court, due to a “fictionalized creation” clause.
    The story surrounds the urban internet legend, John Titor.
    Otherwise known as his chat room handle TIMETRAVEL_0. John Titor appeared in some internet chat rooms around 2000 – 2001, claiming that he was from the future. He gave some insights to america’s future, and made some people believe, and made others scoff. When scientists questioned him about timetravel equations, he answered them, and stumped them.
    Cris started her Documentary talking with devoted individuals who were worried about some of John Titors predictions, regarding how humankind will react to 2/3 of the worlds population being wiped out by a huge nuclear disaster called….War. It involved North Korea, Iran and the U.S. What countries are developing nuclear weapons right now?
    She asks how it could, or could not be possible, for him to timetravel here, and what types of scientific evidence proves, or disproves the theory of time traveling, by talking with Physics, and Quantum Theory Professors. Discussing the possibilities of time traveling and it’s actual probabilities.
    Many people have a variety of different views regarding time travel, from whether it is possible, to what they would do if they could time travel… and some of the answers were quite creative in the street interviews.

    Director – Scott Norwood
    Stars – Kurt Kelly, Alder Sherwood, Laura Hunter

    Raphael Carlo

    Kurt Kelly

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 38 min / Black Comedy

    They did it! They made a documentary on vampires! A family of vampires, bored with immortality, eats illegal immigrants, children, handicapped folk, and takes every advantage out of Belgium’s social system. Samson lives his 55th year like he’s 20. Grace, an eternal teenager, keeps committing suicide. George, the patriarch, heads the eccentric family and its on-going squabbles with the neighboring vampires.Vampires must keep to a strict code. They are prohibited from sleeping with their leaders’ wives. That’s where Samson went too far…

    Director – Vincent Lannoo
    Stars – Carlo Ferrante, Vera Van Dooren, Pierre Lognay

    Frédérique Broos, Vincent Lannoo

    John Engel

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming
    1 hour 25 min / Comedy, Horror

    It was the night before Christmas and all through the lab, not a creature was stirring, except the cadavers!’ When a professor’s Christmas experiment goes awry, it’s up to the janitor to mop up the mess…but the undead may be too much for one person… and where else to recruit help but at the local bar! This soon-to-be Christmas classic is a blend of holiday gore and zombie cheer, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you’re not turning away in disgust — just like holidays with the family.

    “…quite funny,ludicrously over the top” —Variety

    Director – Joe Zerull
    Stars – Daniel Rairdin-Hale, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, Yosh Hayashi

    Daniel Rairdin-Hale, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey

    Daniel Rairdin-Hale

    B2B & B2C Digital Distribution to All Platforms With or Without SwigStreaming