SwigGems and its parent company, SwigMedia, was founded by a Producer (and PGA Member) in response to a much-needed distribution option for creative projects which do not have the market advantages of studio participation and/or major funding. Placement of films/series on outlets such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes without prior marketing and P&A benefits gets lost among the massive selections and often generate minimal returns.

An undiscovered diamond remains valueless in the marketplace. Consequently, it’s not surprising that major distributors consider $20 million just a modest P&A budget. Where does that leave brilliant indie projects produced globally with all-in budgets of $250,000 to a few million?

Addressing the challenge of promoting projects without a meaningful P&A budget was considered a must — prior to launching SwigGems. The company created the first social network driven marketing and distribution solution (patent pending) called SWIGIT ( SWIGIT harnesses the undisputed power of social networks – and the powerful impact of recommendations from friends. It’s propelled by the free energy of social networks and this viral movement reaches each product’s target audience and markets. The successful implementation of SWIGITs for promotions to One-Click-to-Transactions provides the final desired component to launch SwigGems – its significant market competitive advantages.

SwigGems creates a SWIGIT for each individual product to be strategically used. With some, it may first be used to build awareness, while for other projects it may be part of the Day-and-date release, Digital Premier, or part of the viral push distribution, in conjunction with other placements.
Beyond the market competitive advantages of SWIGITs viral push promotions, SwigGems also benefits from the spectrum of resources and capabilities available through Swig Media. This includes our ability to insert advertising in 24/7 linear channels originating from Swig Media to our barter capabilities for promotions.

Unlike major digital outlets that place building their brand above their content and force viewers to watch content on their destination, the SwigGems agenda is to bring the content to the viewers. SwigGems is guided by the conviction that in this digital age, it is more effective to bring the content to its audience whatever device they frequent rather than the archaic distribution model dating back to the opening of the first Nickelodeon in 1905 of attracting and moving people to where the content can be seen.

The reach of SwigGems surpasses the market leaders and there’s no red tape, platform fees, format requirements or the demand for local language versions and closed captions. Our clients benefit from the growing number of contracts with Smart TV operators, Smart TV manufacturers, Telcos, Satellite and Cable TV Networks, along with our own Global Entertainment Network presence in over 100 countries.